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Back at it... and our ten favorite paint colors of 2021

We are making a return to the blog. It's our favorite way to connect with you all and share some of our favorite ideas. Admittedly, its usually the first thing to drop off the to do list when things get crazy. But for now, we are back and sharing with you some new ideas and studio happenings. Our hope is to have a new blog post for you every Friday. Sit and enjoy it in the evening with a warm cup of tea or a glass of red or enjoy it over your Saturday morning cup of coffee. We'll be here.

So for our first post back, we thought we'd jump right in and share with you our most loved, most used paint colors. These are colors we come back to again and again. We know them, we love them. If you are painting a room before the end of the year, we highly recommend these.

The reason we are sharing paint colors is two fold. 1. Lisa is a color expert. Truly. She doesn't like to brag but she has been working with color for years and has always had a keen eye for choosing the right tone. She not only specifies colors for her clients, but she also put that knowledge to use and created her own paint line, hand mixing each of the colors in the line to her own preferences. She's uniquely qualified to talk paint. And 2. We are starting a new series here and on our social media platforms called Color Class. Every other Friday we will talk in depth about a different color. We'll share our favorite ways to use that color in a room and some tips for how to choose the right shade within that color family. And we'll always share our favorite paint colors in that color family here on the blog. So get excited for that!

So to kick things off here are our most used paint colors of this year:

Starting at the top left and moving clockwise:

These are our tried and true favorite paint colors of the year. What color families do you want us to focus on first?

Happy Painting!

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