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Home for the Holidays

I raised my girls as a single mom on a 200-acre farm in western New Hampshire. Each Christmas the girls and I would trudge through the snow to find three perfect trees. One for our living space, and two small ones for their bedrooms. Though I remember a lot of tears (on my part), I delight in the fact that each of my grandchildren has a pretty little live tree each year of their own.

(Photos by Lisa Teague)

I'm lucky to be able to live vicariously through my children, with their growing families, and the abundance and chaos created when we all gather. In my own life, I’ve gravitated towards a simpler approach to not only holiday decorations but to my overall physical living space. I live in a small home filled mostly with pieces that really mean something to me.

People are often curious as to how an interior designer decorates for the holidays. Perhaps you imagine it to be something over the top or carefully curated over many years. For me, it’s about the softer, subtler touches that make a home feel festive and bright.

As we all scroll through our Instagram feed for holiday inspiration, here are a few photos that really capture my vision of perfectly decorated rooms that evoke a sense of simplicity, radiate warmth, and brighten our moods during these incredibly challenging times.





(Lulu and Georgia/Instagram)

(Serena and Lily/Instagram)

(Made Goods/Instagram)

(Peppertree Living/Instagram)

No matter what your personal style is, this time of the year is the perfect opportunity to use your home as an expression of what the spirit of the holidays mean to you and your family.

I’d love to see your holiday decorations share your photos in the comments and have a wonderful holiday!

Life can be hard. Let’s make it pretty.

Lisa Teague

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